Isn’t it a snazzy title? I think so. If you wish, you can leave your comments and diatribes in the boxes at the end of the senryu. If you decide to read that far. I applaud those of you who will bully me with words that I haven’t heard since my high school years in the seventies. Yup, what is old is new. That has never changed. In fact, human nature has never changed.

As for the idiots and racists out there, good luck. My fellow Canadian, Scotty, is about to beam me up. He says he can get a few cases of Romulan ale for next weekend. It’ll be one hell of a big bang. Before I go, I’m wondering if I can have a volunteer to hold the Deadman switch I installed near my beer fridge.

Condos rising
Will terminal velocity
Be achieved?



Michel Montreuil

Writer of senryu, haiku, haibun and other short form poetry